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Pay no tuition until you are hired and launch your career.

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Full time 3-month software engineering school

Through specifically designed curriculum and project-based structure, students learn high-in-demand software testing technologies. Our full-time immersive program prepares and gets you a job in software test automation at top-tier technology companies.

  • We teach you everything from scratch.
  • We help you find a job.
  • Don't pay us a cent if you don't get hired.
  • We've placed our grads in jobs, otherwise we wouldn't invest in you with no tuition fee.
  • It is not just about learning, it is about how to sell yourself.

We believe that many IT schools and bootcamps follow traditional model of education where students pay upfront for their tuition and schools have no incentive to ensure that the graduates get hired because they get paid regardless. At Cyram, instead of asking you to bet on us, we bet on you first. Our model is built on ISA ( Income Share Agreement ) - students pay no tuition / no deposit upfront, and agree to pay 20% of their income for 12 months after graduation once they make $50,000 or more. We all win when our graduates succeed.

We're in this together.
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Every class is live and immersive.

In person

Be in the right environment around the right people.


You can join the class from your home.

Job placement

Our goal is to place you in a job.

How we do it

We are commited to you and we expect you to do the same.

Don't pay us until you are hired

We're investing in your future. Get on the path to your new career today and don't worry about paying until you've finished your program and get hired.

We help you find a job

If you don't find a job, Cyram doesn't make money. We only succeed when we place you in a job. So, we work really hard on you to make sure you are confident and ready to enter the job market.

Full time in person

Students are required to attend the class Monday through Friday 8am to 3pm in person at our Fairfax, VA campus or online. If you can't attend full time, we can't invest in you.

Full time instructors

Instructors are there with you on campus or online 6 days a week to help you get through any confusions or challenges you might have faced. Believe us, it is very important to have someone full time for you when you are in the process of changing your career.

10 students per batch

We are not just another IT school that puts a lot of people in one classroom and leaving it up to the students to succeed or fail. We only accept maximun 15 students at each 3-month batch to guarantee successful outcomes.

Practice based learning

Learning to code just by watching a tutorial or completing a certain number of hours in class won't get you a job - that is why, we spend more time on practice itself than a new topic so you graduate job-ready.

Upcoming start dates

classes are full-time Monday through Friday from 8am to 3pm Eastern.

May 2, 2022

8 seats open


Sat, 4/30/22

Aug 15, 2022

10 seats open


Sat, 8/06/22

We teach you everything you need to know to land a job

Background doesn't matter

Anyone from whatever background can take our program as long as they are committed to change their lives.

Degree doesn't matter

IT is one of those few professions that doesn't judge you if you don't have a degree. I, as the head instructor, don't have a college degree.

Get help instantly

We don't promise you it is an easy process - that is why, we focus on during and after class support when you are stuck at your progress.

One-on-One mentoring

Not only we train you, but we take you through a whole trajectory for the rest of your career growth.

Industry partner connections

We network with many hiring managers to hire our alumni.

Change with confidence

You only live once, so don't be afraid of changes in life.

What you will learn in 3 months

Stack 1

Software Engineering Fundamentals

  • Agile, Scrum
  • Jira, SDLC, STLC
  • Smoke & Regression test case development
  • Manual testing real applications

Web Foundations

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • GIT
  • SQL Database

Stack 2

Test Automation

  • Java programming
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Automation frameworks
  • Parallel test execution
  • RESTful API web services

DevOps Integration

  • CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins
  • Trigger builds
  • Schedule builds
  • Report generation

Stack 3

Projects You Will Build

  • Collaborate with a team
  • Automate a number of API web services
  • Create BDD & TDD frameworks from scratch
  • Automate 10 real world applications
  • Write at least 300 test cases

Job Search

  • Resume & Portfolio prep
  • Intensive interview practice sessions
  • Negotiate your salary
  • You made it !

How we compare

Skills Theory Experience Job
Cyram cyram-logo cyram-logo cyram-logo cyram-logo
Bootcamp cyram-logo cyram-logo cyram-logo cyram-logo
Traditional cyram-logo cyram-logo cyram-logo cyram-logo
Self Taught cyram-logo cyram-logo cyram-logo cyram-logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Cyram located?

Cyram is located in Fairfax, Virginia. However, out-of-state students can join the live program online from anywhere.

Do I attend the course full-time or part-time?

This is a full-time program Monday through Friday 8am to 3pm EDT.

I work during the day, can I attend on my own?

No. Student full attendance is required for all hours of the class, although we record and archive our classes. Part-time students can't keep up with the training intensity.

Can I still work after class hours?

We strongly advise you not to, unless you really need to, only if you do all the course work on time.

I am not good at computer, can I do it?

We had students probably way worse than you, and now they all are working as IT professionals.

Does Cyram find me a job?

We do everything we possibly can! We will help you prepare a resume, portfolio, linkedin profile. We do a lot of mock interviews for you. At the end of the day, you are the one who needs to apply, interview and land a job.

How fast can I find a job after graduation?

If you study hard enough following Cyram's guidance, you should be able to get a job offer within 1-2 months.

Will I receive a certification when I graduate from Cyram?

Yes. We issue a certificate of completion within 30 days of graduation.

Tuition & Income Share Agreement (ISA) Questions

How does Income Share Agreement (ISA) work?

An ISA is a way to pay your Cyram School tuition. A Cyram ISA is a contract under which you agree to pay 20% of your post-Cyram School salary for 12 months, but only once you're making more than $50,000 per year (or the equivalent of $4,166.66 per month).

Not everyone is eligable to this program - you need to be able to commit full time Monday through Friday.

What if I just pay the tuition upfront?

We are built on a model where we get paid only when we fullfill the promise of our program. Otherwise, you pay nothing.

Can I see the ISA contract?

Yes, of course. We will send it to you after you submit your application.

Is the repayment amount calculated before tax or after tax?

The 20% is a percentage of your gross income before taxes.

Will I start paying back right after I get a job?

We don't ask for payment for your first month of employment. Starting from the second month, you will start making payment.

Do I need to be a U.S Citizen to enroll?

Only U.S Citizen, Green Card Holder or EAD Holder are eligable for this program.

What if I can't find a job

You pay nothing $0.

Ready to change your life?


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